The plugins use libraries from the following software packages:

  • Net-SNMP
    Note: Net-SNMP itself depends on other libraries. Currently there is no way of automatically testing if the development files of those libraries are actually installed. See the documentation for further details.
  • RRDTool (Optional)

While the plugins are designed to be used with Nagios, this is not actually a requirement.

Versions of RRDTool

Systematic testing with various versions of RRDTool revealed that SNMP4Nagios is very picky about the librrd it uses. It was developed using 1.0.49 which is incidently the version which works best.

Under circumstances currently unknown version 1.0.50 builds shared objects (library files) which do not have a “.so” extension. This is not detected during configuration but building SNMP4Nagios fails. To work around this issue change into RRDTool's library directory and create symbolic links with the correct names:

root@host# ln -s librrd.0.0.0
root@host# ln -s librrd.0.0.0
root@host# ln -s librrd.0.0.0

RRDTool version 1.2.12 has a problem with Stacks upon Lines. These plugins may fail to produce usable plots due to this issue:

  • check_cisco_mem
  • check_mail_server
  • check_ucd_snmp_cpu
  • check_ups_battery
  • check_winf_cpuusage

RRDTool version 1.2.16 changed the way escape sequences are handled1 … and this breaks the SNMP4Nagios plugins.

RRDTool version 1.2.17 fixes that bug but has a problem selecting the right archive.2

Additionally libart (which is used by RRDTool 1.2.x) “is quite picky about the data it gets for drawing”3. This may result in “*** attempt to put segment in horiz list twice” messages.

For the time being RRDTool 1.0.49 is still strongly recommended. How to build RRDTool in a way which should not interfere with any installation that is already on your computer is described briefly in the SNMP4Nagios User Guide.

Other Requirements

Before using the plugins, ensure that you meet the following prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge of SNMP
  • Working knowledge of Nagios configuration



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